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Lash Extension


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Get the lashes that fit your style

Lashes as unique as you

Natural look

  • With our lash enhancement service, we delicately add subtle length and volume to your lashes, creating a refined and elegant look.
  • This is the ideal choice for those who desire a natural mascara appearance, accentuating their eyes in a graceful way.
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Cat eye look

  • Transform your gaze with our sultry and exotic lash placement technique.
  • We strategically add longer lashes to the outer corners of your eyes, emphasizing their width and creating an alluring look that captivates with every glance.
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Doll eye look

  • Experience bigger, rounder, and more open-looking eyes with our lash placement technique.
  • We focus on adding longer lashes to the center of your eyes, creating a captivating and eye-enhancing effect that beautifully accentuates your natural beauty.
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Fox eye look

  • With our eyelash technique, longer lashes are applied to “the outer end of the eye, creating a captivating fox-eyed shape. This results in a sexy and sophisticated look while maintaining an innocent and cute charm, giving you an overall appearance that's both enchanting and well-balanced.
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